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Moving Checklist?
Six Weeks To Go
Start a file of "moving" papers & reminders
Contact moving companies for quotes
Advise the following contacts of your change of address
  1. Bank/s (all accounts)
  2. Shares & Investments
  3. Accountant
  4. Insurance Advisors
  5. Legal Advisors
  6. Motor Licensing Authority
  7. Newspaper & Magazine Delivery
  8. TV license
  9. Home delivery companies
  10. Alarm Company (Firzt recommends Baron's Security 011 485 5472)
  11. Employer/s
  12. School/s
  13. Doctor/s & Dentist/s
  14. Medical Aid
  15. Religious Institution
  16. Family, Friends & other regular correspondents
  17. Clubs
  18. Children's activities
Five Weeks To Go
Confirm & book moving company (date & time)
Start sorting your goods out
Decide furniture placement at new home
Inventory of furniture, appliances and all other items - including value
Start packing seldom used items
Have appliances serviced

Two Weeks To Go
Start packing often-used belongings
Check that you have notified everyone of change of address
Cancel existing water & lights accounts & open a new account
Arrange to transfer your phone or arrange a new phone number

One Week To Go
Return any borrowed items & collect items borrowed by others
Cancel newspaper delivery
Plan meals to minimize shopping
Ensure facilities are working at new address
Pack everything that you can do without

One Day To Go
Empty, defrost & clean fridge & freezer – leave doors open!
Empty safe & arrange storage of your personal belongings
Pack an “essentials” box to be loaded last & unloaded first
Phone Telkom to cancel phone line

D Day
Strip beds
Pack last minute items
Be available to answer movers questions (if any)
Carefully check inventory
Check house thoroughly & say goodbye to the house
Empty garbage
Leave house clean (Spring clean with Yebo Shine 485 1617 & quote “Firzt discount”)
Give new owners your new address to redirect mail
Lock up and arrange to leave keys and remotes in a designated place

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